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What Golf Teaches Us About Ethics

Carrying the Clubs


This joyless plod down the emerald-green fairways of indifference has thrust humankind into a bad mood for the last five hundred years, and that obnoxious hole is to blame.

Let’s face it: life is not perfect. We all make mistakes. The law calls it negligence. Golf calls it shanks, chunks, slices, hooks, tops, whiffs, 4 putts, yips, dubs, airmails, worm burners, 404s, and that is just on the front nine. Humiliation defines the game.

We can learn to be our own best friend. We can be nonjudgmental of failures that matter less and loving critics of those that are crucial, and we can teach ourselves the difference. Since ethical issues arise everywhere, every day, and since a golf game takes about five hours, there is ample time to ponder some of the issues this book addresses as you stroll from shot to shot. It will help you forget the disaster your last swing produced.

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