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John Frohnmayer can walk to the golf course out of his back gate in five minutes. More often, however, he is on the river rowing his single scull to exhaustion. Rowing, unlike golf, clears the brain. Golf, as this book demonstrates, is not so simple.

Now with skiing, we are flirting with the indescribable, mystical world just beyond our knowing.



 John played guard on Medford High’s State Championship football team, played in the Shrine All-Star Game and was Oregon’s High School Athlete/Scholar of the year. This was in 1960. Eons ago. He also went out for the golf team each year at Stanford and never made it. A lifetime later, he is a competitive rower with a drawer full of medals and the quixotic hope that his career as an athlete will never end.

With degrees from Stanford, Chicago and Oregon in American History, Christian Ethics and Law, John’s views on the First Amendment first became nationally known when he was Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts from 1989-92. That was the time, during the first Bush Administration, when congress got more mail about the artworks of Robert Mapplethorpe and Andres Serrano than in did about the Savings and Loan Crisis. Go figure.

A life-long trial lawyer, he is retired and lives in Albany, Oregon. 

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