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Carrying the Clubs is part personal memoir, part golf lesson and part exploration of the good life. Ethics, at its root, is about how to be happy in this one, precious life of ours. But we humans seem to do our best to screw up our lives — to fill ourselves with regrets and might-have-beens. Just like golf. That is why golf and ethics should have a conversation.

Who should read this book?


       *People who play golf (that narrows it down to about 25 million of you)

       *People who care about ethics (everybody, I hope)

       *Those who are struggling with issues of religious faith

       *Those who are wondering what we, as a country, stand for


These are all serious topics (well, maybe not golf per-se) but the approach of this book is to cut us some slack. It isn’t up tight or dull. It may confirm your insights or suggest some new ones. It may make you laugh. I hope so.

Just remember, life is a moving target and anything we can do to reign it in is good, just like sinking a sea-going putt.

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