Announcing the Release of



Skiing and the Poetry of Snow is the last in my trilogy of books about sports and philosophy, this one being about skiing and mysticism. Skiing comes a close as we wingless mortals can venture to freeing ourselves from gravity’s embrace while still being in contact with the ground. As such it gives us a glimpse of that world beyond our normal experience. Exhilaration, euphoria, fear—dozens of adjectives dance around this transcendental experience but poetry describes it best.

Fear—intentionally scaring ourselves—can teach us who we are. Being in or around mountains in winter can cleanse the soul. This book celebrates nature and laments our mistreatment of it.

You don’t have to be a skier to appreciate this book. The mystical can arrive just sitting quietly, or during a gorgeous sunset or a beautiful passage of music. or a kiss. 

This is a great world we have been given and we owe it our allegiance.