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Questions for Discussion

  1. Where do ethics/morals come from?

  2. What do we take as authority in deciding how to act?

  3. Where do guilt, shame and regret come from?

  4. Does action require a pure motive to be moral?

  5. Of what value are regrets?

  6. What is the difference between rules and morals?

  7. Between law and ethics?

  8. What does it take for you to change your mind?

  9. Is it different (that is, changing your mind) on a factual issue than on an opinion, say your opinion of another person?

  10. Is consistency necessary (or desirable) in life and ethics?

  11. Can one define one’s self in one way and live life acting in another?

  12. How much of our lives do we create and how much just happens?

  13. Do we value or discount service to others?

  14. How do we establish societal values that are not based on either money or economic growth?

  15. Are we in a post-truth society?

  16. How do we deal with luck in the moral equation?

  17. What scares us and why?

  18. How do we best recover from mistakes?

  19. What is the value of honor?

  20. What price do most people pay for cheating?

  21. Where does confidence come from?

  22. Do morality and confidence have anything to do with each other?

  23. What is grace?

  24. Why do we take bad advice?

  25. Are we responsible for each other (our brother’s keeper)?

  26. What is friendship and how does it inform our morality?

  27. Is it a virtue to be persuadable?

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